Who are we?

We're a small team of cocktail lovers that want to bring you the best of the cocktail world. We all help look after our members, but have our own unique skils too.

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Katerina Georgiou

Head of community & events


Roman c563f7866da8174bcb6e7c527927e3ab670974c66b6f42e8a1461626021dcac1

Roman Yarovoy

Senior Developer

Bloody Maria

Alex 33cb66a39bbfb5b9d5836490520de931680c64825410382d729882dfff8ba820

Alex Heeton



David 1d42c2b81e00d0d7377d028677e80e7ea17e0ea82ea8f5347f3427576d155977

David Varela

Head of content


Mark a28e9614908b5646a1d1750268deee2a7e65fceb102c90a3e4f0317a788ebd38

Mark Jennings


Hemingway Daiquiri

Toby 52d0032d794b29fc6e05460e0bc8c95a6c3a5a55329721bfeeb46c02e67ae9e4

Toby Sims

Head of operations

The Last Word


Troels 06c4d54dddd422e8a101bac34acc5f7486b5e3cd74099ac0d736082d2bce1c90

Troels Knudsen

Troels Knudsen is a leading light in inventive cocktail creation who has worked at Mash, Hush! and The Boundary.

Special thanks:

Zara Hale — one of the original founders. After helping to set up and run our operations, she's back in the craft beer industry, running bars & events as well as guest-brewing beer across the country.

Jase Cooper — Jase helped create the original Shaken identity and is a trusted advisor on all things design related.

Aidan Hornsby — Aidan advises us on our photography, normally after Alex does it wrong a few times.

Jasmine Davies — Jasmine created the "Swirl" logo that we have today.

All our bartenders and friends — We love collaborating with people, and couldn't do any of this without the amazing people who help us with our kits and events. If you ever want to get involved, just drop us a line.